Lesson of the Day || 10 February 2017

Trust the Universe I have always hated this saying. How can I trust the universe if I can barely trust myself? I'm the opposite of a "go with the flow" type person. I like to plan everything to the minute and will do anything to stick to that plan. Not having a plan makes me [...]


Why I Wish I Studied Abroad

I've wanted to go to France since I was 8 years old. I remember watching Disney Channel in my room in the dark when the channel aired a commercial spot with the stars of the time talking about foreign languages. America Ferrera came on screen and said that she loved French because she liked the [...]

Writer’s Block…

So as I've mentioned in my updated About Me, I've relaunched my blog for my Branding of Me class. Essentially, for the class we are required to write two blog posts per week throughout the semester (or 20 posts by the end of the semester) on any topic we want. Once we make a post, [...]

A Younger Self

Literally, so much can change in two years. As I worked to relaunch my blog, I went through and read each post I had previously written in 2015. Some posts still resonated with me today, while some outlined problems and thoughts that I don't connect with at all anymore. It was almost hilarious to read [...]

Best Day Ever?

How do you know when a day has been the best day of your life? Weird existential crisis question - I know. I feel like most people's best day is the day they cross, graduate, or get married. All are typical markers of huge transitions in life - moving onto something "bigger" than the previous [...]

Tales of an Unpaid Intern

As I face the wind and shut the office doors on the last day of my summer internship, I can't help but reminisce on the summer I had. Interning for an event production company was interesting to say the least. During the week I went from tracking marketing impressions and planning distribution of print material [...]