Summer Must-Haves

Excuse my absence but please welcome my return. As I've struggled to snatch my life and manage working/interning all summer, I have been insanely busy. My spare time has been spent at brief outings with friends and (a little too much) Tumblr. But as the summer has progressed, I realized how monotonous my life has … Continue reading Summer Must-Haves


Do You Wanna Be a GIRLBOSS?

At this point, every aspiring young woman has read Sophia's book GIRLBOSS about how she made the most epic come up & came to own Nasty Gal. Now that I'm starting the Netflix original version of the tale, I'm inspired to re-evaluate what being a girlboss means to me. Here are my¬†thoughts. To me, being … Continue reading Do You Wanna Be a GIRLBOSS?

We should all be feminists…

No...but really. Happy International Women's Day everyone, especially all the hardworking & game changing ladies out there (but not to the haters on this movement). Like any other group that seems to be put down in society (i.e. people of color, Muslims, or really anyone who isn't a white male...), it's crazy to think that … Continue reading We should all be feminists…

Lesson of the Day || 10 February 2017

Trust the Universe I have always hated this saying. How can I trust the universe if I can barely trust myself? I'm the opposite of a "go with the flow" type person. I like to plan everything to the minute and will do anything to stick to that plan. Not having a plan makes me … Continue reading Lesson of the Day || 10 February 2017