Summer Must-Haves

Excuse my absence but please welcome my return. As I’ve struggled to snatch my life and manage working/interning all summer, I have been insanely busy. My spare time has been spent at brief outings with friends and (a little too much) Tumblr. But as the summer has progressed, I realized how monotonous my life has become. Intern, work, eat, sleep, repeat. I’ve barely had any ‘Kiana Time’ which I so desperately need and deserve. So, inspired by my mother, my sisters, and all the people I imagine to be happy on Instagram – I have chose to create some ‘Kiana Time’. First step, is making this post.

1. Happiness

The first summer must-have is pure happiness. As I too have learned recently, great experiences are nothing if you aren’t completely happy with the person you are and the world you create for yourself. If you aren’t happy, change it. I know how difficult ridding yourself of the things, activities, and people that litter your life but always choose yourself. Always.

2. Tote Bag

I’m 86% sure that when I switched from an everyday purse to an everyday tote bag my summer changed for the better. It’s perfect for being on the go, especially if you have to toss your life in there. Mind you, it’s so much cuter than the other bag options. I got mine for $24.95 (minus my employee discount) at H&M.

3. T-Shirt Dress

I’m legitimately obsessed with t-shirt dresses. I’m constantly tempted to buying one in every color because I no longer want to wear pants. What’s better than being cute and relaxed at the same time? Nothing. Just beware of the t-shirt material. The white one I bought from H&M was so thin it was almost scandalous. But then again, maybe it was an actual shirt. Oops.

3. Sandals

(If you stay up on your pedicure) sandals are essential – so essential they may even not need to be on this list. Yes, I know I put sandals on my Spring Break list but their second appearance proves that you need to run to the nearest mall and find a pair. Whether they are flip flops or actual sandals, find a pair that can go with nearly any summer outfit. Ditch your $1 Old Navy flip flops. Remember, shoes can make or break your outfit.

4. Facial Scrub

My skin becomes an oily mess during the summer because of my hair, heat, and a thirst for more water so I’m on the hunt for a good facial scrub to keep me in check. Currently, I use The Body Shops products but they haven’t been good for my summer skin type.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset
The Body Shop Facial Scrub & Toner

5. Printed Shorts

If you haven’t started to love this trend, I’m not sure how much your summer wardrobe has flourished thus far. But hey, I guess that’s why you’re here. Patterned shorts can now be found any and everywhere. From boutiques to Forever 21, you can find these cute, relaxed shorts at a decent price. I love them because they let you experiment with patterns even if you typically shy away from them (i.e: me). They’re also so comfortable and make you look like you put effort into your outfit.

6. Strappy Heels

Strappy heels that wrap around the ankle or higher give me so much life. My alter ego that lives in sexy heels & cute pencil skirts 24/7 wears these everyday. So, if you find a perfect pair less expensive than these by Stuart Weitzman – live it up for me.

Look at these beauties I found on one of my Tumblr excursions.

7. Water Bottle

I can’t emphasize enough how important a good water bottle is for your summer flourish. Find yourself a cute one that insulates well and take it with you everywhere you go. This summer I’m limiting myself to only water, because in this heat it’s vital to stay hydrated.

8. Fringe

I have yet to hop on the fringe train, but I can’t wait until I do. It makes me feel like I’m free – like I can do whatever I want. It’s fun, flirty & a staple standout wardrobe piece. I’ve seen fringe skirts, purses, and even heels. Pick your poison.

9. Crochet Top

These tops remind me of Coachella and I’m okay with that. This summer the Indie/Bohemian vibe is in full swing. Pair it with some breezy Palazzo pants & a body chain and you’re all set. I’m basically obsessed with this one from Cosmic Chic.

10. Plans

While you’re busy working or interning like me, never forget to enjoy your summer! I tend to let the work and motivation to get to where I want to be engulf me. Everyday I’m learning to let go, let God, and genuinely enjoy my life. So meet up with some friends or family, and find something fun to do! You won’t regret it (hopefully).



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