Shea Moisture Misses the Point

I’m convinced these brands will never learn to not exclude black people through their marketing. It’s actually getting ridiculous at this point. It’s like brands sit around and find the most exclusive ways to launch a campaign – even if black people make up so much of the audience.

Shea Moisture – I guess it was your turn sis smh. In case you aren’t aware, Shea Moisture just launched a campaign that highlighted that their hair-care product can be used for every hair type.

The video, which you can watch here, depicts three women: one light-skin woman with loose-curly hair, a white woman with dirty blonde hair and another white woman who was born a red-head but loved to dye her hair. The three each told their story about how they used to hate their hair but grew to love it. Essentially, Shea Moisture is telling women to “Break Free from Hair Hate” by using their products because “everybody gets love.”

Let’s just set the record straight, if the tagline of the campaign is “Hair in Every Form,” your target audience should be represented more – if even at all. Black women put Shea Moisture on the map. It’s not only annoying but disheartening to see brands who we stan for, ignore us completely. Of course in marketing, you want to expand your product to different audiences, but how do you just alienate your consumer base to do that. They failed to highlight the struggle black women face to be comfortable with their hair in a Eurocentric world that shames our curly textures.

I’m sorry Shea Moisture, but the struggle of a black woman embracing her natural hair or chemically altering it to meet certain standards is not the same as that of a white woman embracing her natural hair color.

As a community we expected better.

Amidst social media uproar, the ad has been taken down and Shea Moisture has apologized for the incident.



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