The first thing I learned in ECON 101 was opportunity cost, essentially the value of the next best alternative. The opportunity cost of doing one thing is the value (monetary or enjoyment) of what you gave up. Thus, you make a sacrifice to do one activity over another.

We sacrifice everyday. We are constantly choosing what would be in our best interest, and missing out on something at the same time. But no one ever really wants to talk about sacrifice; no one ever really wants to talk about what they gave up.

I appreciate my mom more and more everyday when I realize just what she sacrificed to get me to where I am today. I sacrifice my savings account by spending money on clothes and food. I sacrifice my commitment to one organization for my commitment another. I sacrifice writing on my blog to do my homework. Is there such a thing as too much sacrifice?

I’m the type of person to sacrifice anything for the people I love or for grand opportunities. I lose sleep, give my last, or stress to my wit’s end. Growing up we are told to always give: share your toys & donate a nickel to the Salvation Army.

Sacrifice is literally everywhere, but not always an easy thing to do. Sometimes the things we sacrifice don’t align with how we envision our life to go. What college has taught me is that you need a balance in how much you sacrifice. I will never stop being the caring person I am and sacrificing certain things for the people I care about. However, I will no longer sacrifice my own comfort or stability for someone else’s gain.


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