7 Things I’m Loving Right Now

Inspired by my all-time favorite Shirley B. Eniang’s summer 2016 post, I decided to also blog about 7 things I’m obsessed with right now.

  1. Impromptu Trips: I wouldn’t really call myself spontaneous but I love spontaneous trips. I think there’s so much of the world to see so it’s difficult to for me to turn down visiting somewhere with my friends. Sometimes school/Chapel Hill can get really mundane, so I like using trips as a breath of fresh air. Although, my bank account doesn’t always agree.
  2. Watching Lookbooks: About a month ago, I was super inspired by a Youtube pair called The LineUp. Maya and Julia are bestfriends from Stockholm, who have an amazing fashion + beauty + lifestyle Youtube channel. I’ve been subscribed to them for about two years now, but was reconnected to them in a DIY Streewear Lookbook. Literally everything about the video was on point & ever since I’ve been hooked. It’s definitely time to upgrade my wardrobe!
  3. Online Shopping for my Friends: Not even kidding, I online shop as a hobby. I can spend hours scrolling through different websites, curating outfits in my head. Seeing how companies style their models is such fashion inspiration for me. I’ve even culminated a list about 60 stores that I would go to to online shop. Thus, my friends love to come to me to help them find a fit for a special occasion. I don’t even hesitate to say yes.
  4. Laura Mercier Translucent Powder: This school year is the first time I’ve been genuinely interested in makeup + strengthening my skills. So as I watched more & more Youtube videos, I knew I had to try this setting powder. It’s easily a crowd favorite. It immediately transformed my makeup routine, especially when I realized you can set your face with it before your foundation to prevent oiliness. Shoutout to Jackie Aina for the tip!
  5. My Own Cooking: This sounds like a joke but it really isn’t. This is also the first year I’ve really started experimenting in the kitchen, and honestly I’m not half bad. In an effort to grow up and spend way less money eating out, I try to cook most of my meals at home. I love to search recipes online of random ingredients I have in the kitchen or save Tasty! videos to my phone that I want to try next week. Next stop: Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook.
  6. Longline Bomber Jackets: Weird that this is on a list of favorites in the spring but I borrowed my line sister’s green longline bomber one day and literally haven’t given it back since. I’m pretty short, so it’s the perfect length to pair with even a dress or skirt. Since she won’t let me keep it, I guess I’ll have to find one of my own before the fall.
  7. High Snob Society + Man Repeller: In 2017, I told myself I’d read more. So I’ve been following these two publications about all things fashion + lifestyle. I love Man Repeller for its quirkiness and High Snob Society for its urban chic. It’s just cool to start becoming more knowledgeable about something I’ve been passionate a

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