Summer Must-Haves

Excuse my absence but please welcome my return. As I've struggled to snatch my life and manage working/interning all summer, I have been insanely busy. My spare time has been spent at brief outings with friends and (a little too much) Tumblr. But as the summer has progressed, I realized how monotonous my life has [...]


Do You Wanna Be a GIRLBOSS?

At this point, every aspiring young woman has read Sophia's book GIRLBOSS about how she made the most epic come up & came to own Nasty Gal. Now that I'm starting the Netflix original version of the tale, I'm inspired to re-evaluate what being a girlboss means to me. Here are my thoughts. To me, being [...]

5 Silky Satin Pieces You Need Right Now

I personally believe the silky/satin trend is one of the hottest right now. The soft material gives sultry, nighttime vibes but like anything else can be remixed to be worn whenever. From silky wide-leg trousers to midi dresses, you need to get into this trend asap. Here's some pieces that would do your wardrobe wonders. [...]

Shea Moisture Misses the Point

I'm convinced these brands will never learn to not exclude black people through their marketing. It's actually getting ridiculous at this point. It's like brands sit around and find the most exclusive ways to launch a campaign - even if black people make up so much of the audience. Shea Moisture - I guess it [...]


The first thing I learned in ECON 101 was opportunity cost, essentially the value of the next best alternative. The opportunity cost of doing one thing is the value (monetary or enjoyment) of what you gave up. Thus, you make a sacrifice to do one activity over another. We sacrifice everyday. We are constantly choosing [...]

Fear of…

Although I dropped it, I'm took a Creative Nonfiction class. Our first assignment was to free write a flash nonfiction piece about our fears based off A. Papatya Bucak's I Cannot Explain My Fear. Because of the sheer amount of reflection I've done recently, writing this was so simple to me. As you begin to [...]