Writer’s Block…

So as I’ve mentioned in my updated About Me, I’ve relaunched my blog for my Branding of Me class. Essentially, for the class we are required to write two blog posts per week throughout the semester (or 20 posts by the end of the semester) on any topic we want. Once we make a post, we must share it through a form of social media and LinkedIn.

Now, to say I’m struggling to curate content for my blog posts is an understatement. I’m having a horrible stint of writer’s block. Tragic.

For those of you not familiar with writer’s block, Google defines it as “the condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing.” For me, it seems to be less of an issue of “being unable to think of what to write,” but more of “how to proceed with writing.”

If you know me, you know that I’m constantly in thought – a blessing and a curse. I’ll do something one day or see something on social media and immediately think “Wow, that would be a great thing to write about on my blog!” So I open my WordPress app, write a preliminary title for the post, and eagerly write roughly two sentences about the topic I’ve chosen. This is where the creativity and free flowing writing stops. At this point, it’s like I can’t determine how to continue the post or even what else to say about a topic that seemed so interesting previously.

Frustratingly, I save the draft and go about my business hoping that soon something will spark my ability to write more content that’s blog worthy. But honestly, what is blog worthy? I started this blog in 2015 as a mere creative outlet for myself. A way for me to confidently find my voice as a budding journalism student and growing woman, that could be shared with friends, family, or anyone who might want to read it. I could basically say anything I wanted without a filter.

However, when you write for a class assignment and link your very personal brand to your public brand that filter appears almost out of nowhere. I think this writer’s block stems not from me not having an opinion on what else to write, it’s being cautious with the content I share with the world – at least temporarily. It’s almost like taking what you wrote from your handwritten journal tucked away in your bedside table to your Facebook status.

At minimum, this writer’s block rant allowed me to successfully write a post for the semester. Score. But it also allowed me to at least better understand my blogging troubles in hopes that I can work better through them throughout the semester.

Here’s to more efforless writing!



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