A Younger Self

Literally, so much can change in two years.

As I worked to relaunch my blog, I went through and read each post I had previously written in 2015. Some posts still resonated with me today, while some outlined problems and thoughts that I don’t connect with at all anymore. It was almost hilarious to read what I took so seriously at the time, or what I was struggling with internally. However, when I wrote it I couldn’t see how trivial any of it was or how I’d overcome each battle. Although I felt so old and mature, as if I should have my life together already, I was still so young.

I’ve been thinking a lot about time lately. It continues to pass each day, each hour, each second, and we are dynamically changing as it passes. But often times, we don’t see ourselves changing. We get so accustomed living in our worlds, trying to make it to the next big milestone. At the end of the Fall 2016 semester, I told my best friend that I felt like I hadn’t changed much since college started. Although I’ve accomplished so many amazing things, I failed to realize how each accomplishment and even the failures continuously shaped me throughout time. I learned from each experience and evolved as a person.

In 2015, I couldn’t have fathomed the changes that would come over time. Don’t negate your growth – embrace it & know it’s coming when it needs to. I’m thankful for change even when I didn’t see it, and now, I’m even more exciting for the change to come.



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