Lesson of the Day || 20 January 2017

Your Voice Matters

When I was nine, my dad read my diary and punished me for the things I wrote in it. At that age, I wrote frequently and pretty deeply. My diary held thoughts that I pushed from the world – in a place I deemed safe (not that they were anything bad…). His actions not only made me not trust him as he rudely invaded my privacy, but made me not trust my own voice.

After this incident, I stopped writing so religiously. I became self-conscious about letting people in on my thoughts and emotions – something I still struggle with today. Throughout schooling, I loathed English class especially when we had writing workshops. My peers would tell me that my writing was great but I assumed they were lying. I’d make excuses about why something may be wrong or misinterpreted.

However, as I shift to journalism/PR I’m getting my voice back. What I have to say & what I feel deserves to be read, listened to, and cherished.

In 2015 I plan on doing what I want and saying what I want. I’m not running away from myself anymore (and this blog is definitely helping that).



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