Makeup Must-Have: Beauty Blender

Y’all. I knew I would be busy, but I never could’ve comprehended that I would have this much stuff to do. I promise I did not mean to leave you waiting this long for another post, but I genuinely haven’t had time to sit down & finish the (now 3) draft posts I have started.

However, as some of you may know, I write for an online publication for college women called Her Campus. This week was my round to write an article, so I naturally was obligated to sit down and write.

The piece I decided to write for Her Campus aligns with the things I want on my blog – I’m actually considering a series along these lines.

Anyway, here’s the link to the actual article.

Or you can read it below…

Go raid any makeup guru/artists stash and you’re sure to find the Beauty Blender’s signature sponge. This little tool has revolutionized the makeup game with its ability to flawlessly blend your foundation or concealer.

To use, wet the sponge with water until it is completely saturated. Put the makeup product (foundation or concealer) on your face or on the actual sponge. Then dab the sponge across your face until blenBBded!

It’s really that simple. The beauty of the Beauty Blender is that less is more. The science of the sponge allows you to use less product to get just the right amount of coverage. Mess up? No problem. Just continue to dab the Blender on your problem areas until the problem is vanished.  The wide base works for blending large areas of the face, while the pointed tip allows you to get around your nose and eyes, too!

There’s some controversy around the price of the Blender. At Sephora, the Beauty Blender is sold for $20, which may seem expensive for just a little sponge. However, it’s worth the price if  you use it. The dupe options simply don’t compare!

Just remember, even with the most high-quality makeup won’t look good if it’s not blended well.

So trash your foundation brush and stop using your fingers to blend your concealer. Consider the Beauty Blender as your next big makeup purchase!

It’s sure to leave you feeling: beyonce




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