Instagram Captions & Lists

Judge me if you must, but I am the Instagram caption queen. I have a caption for any and everything. Even my friends come to me for captions.

The caption, to me, is more than just a caption.

It’s like a work of art (well maybe not that deep…). The caption is a reflection of the picture; a reflection of my mood; a line from a song or poem that resonates with me.

Whenever I stumble upon something caption worthy, I throw it into a list under the Notes section of my phone. At a current count, I have 83 captions ready to go.

Are you judging me yet?

Regardless of your opinion, my captions & my flourish won’t cease.

I have lists about any and everything you can imagine. I have lists in my phone, on Stickies on my computer, and all over my planner. Whenever I come up with a brilliant idea for an organization I’m in or see a hair or makeup product I need to buy, I write it down.

I like to think I have lists to keep myself organized. I believe they lower my anxiety & boost my creativity. In fact, I start most of my blog posts in a list. I suck at spontaneity. Life is filled with so many choices, so lists allow me to discern my wants from my needs and lay out my thoughts. Lists make my hectic life more manageable.

As I head into my junior year of college (really where is the time going?), it’s becoming so important for me to analyze my time management skills. Recognizing how you best stay organized and calm your inner chaos, will lead to future success.

Lists help me take control of my life (& IG aesthetic), which I so desperately need.



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